Alignment for Health Equity and Development

Co-Principal Investigators:

Kevin Barnett DrPH, MCP Senior Investigator
Public Health Institute

Don Hinkle-Brown
President & CEO
The Reinvestment Fund

Paul Stange, M.P.H.  
Public Health Institute

An Initiative by the Public Health Institute and The Reinvestment Fund


Alignment for Health Equity and Development

We are at a unique moment in U.S. history where there is both an imperative and new opportunities to link and leverage innovations in public health, health care, and community development. Advances in geographic information systems (GIS) technology and increased availability of public data bring attention and focus to geographic concentrations of health inequities and make the case for collaboration. The Affordable Care Act’s expansion of coverage and movement towards global budgeting require the health care sector to shift their focus to strategies that keep populations healthy.  The community development sector is exploring the impact potential of its investments beyond the economic and social to what is needed to make communities healthy. 

Meetings in regional Federal Reserve offices over the last four years have highlighted the health benefits of targeted investments by financial institutions, and stimulated dialogue to explore the alignment of these investments with health improvement strategies.  Targeted technical assistance is needed to develop, validate, and scale strategies that align investments and interventions across sectors, with a focus in neighborhoods where health inequities are concentrated. With generous funding from the Kresge Foundation, the Public Health Institute (PHI), in partnership with The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) has launched a 5-year national initiative to provide support to selected local communities.